Transportation Committee


This committee will review and make recommendations concerning all parking and transportation issues (includes parking, mass transit, bicycle facilities, pedestrian resources, carpooling etc.). In addition, it will be the final arbitrator for parking citations hearing Appeals to Parking Petitions.


  • Two faculty and two alternates appointed by the Faculty Senate, each serving a two year staggered term
  • Two staff and two alternates appointed by Staff Council, each serving a two year staggered term
    Alternates will assume Committee membership for two years upon other members completing their time
  • Two students and two alternates recommended by the President of the Student Government Association
  • The Committee will annually select a chairperson from among its Faculty and Staff members.
  • The University Parking Coordinator and Chief of University Police are ex officio, non-voting members


If a citation appeal is denied you may petition the Transportation Committee to review the appeal. To do so, you should reply to your appeal disposition email and must explicitly state you are appealing to the committee. This must be done within 10-days otherwise it will not be presented to the committee.

    •         You have the option to appear before the Transportation Committee and will be notified of the time/date to appear
    •         The committee holds meetings on average between 4 and 6 times a year, often (but not always) in September, October, November, February, March, and April
    •         Appealing to the committee will end any further review/discussion by the Parking Services Office
    •         The citation will remain “upheld” until the Transportation Committee reviews your case
    •         You will be able to speak and/or provide materials to the committee
    •         You may also be able to submit a statement in lieu of appearing before the committee
    •         You will be notified by the Parking Services Office of the committee’s decision via the email address provided in the original petition
    •         The Transportation Committee is the final arbitrator of citation appeals
    •         The Transportation Committee has the option to reject a petition to the committee prior to the committee meeting. The result would be that any prior determination made by the Parking Services Office is final.