Pay or Appeal a Citation

Appealing a Parking Citation

Citations are only eligible to be appealed if done so within 10 days from the date of entry. After that, you will no longer have the option within the citation portal and are held responsible for the citation as written

If you receive a parking citation, you have the right to appeal it. Appellants will be notified within fourteen (14) calendar days, by email, of the decision.

While subjective or opinion-based arguments can be submitted they may not be considered as the purpose of this appeal is to determine whether or not a citation was written in error or for an invalid reason.

Examples of subjective arguments include…

    • Convenience/ inconvenience of assigned or available parking locations
    • Personal opinions and or disagreement with existing policies
    • Driver’s citation history (It’s my first ticket/ I’ve never had a ticket before)

Examples of objective arguments warranting a citation being waived and/ or reduced by appeal…

    • Citation was written in error or for an invalid reason
    • Citation may be reduced to a more appropriate violation. i.e. No Valid Permit reduced to Improper Display of Permit

​If your appeal is granted, no further action is needed. The citation will be waived and only the record of citation will remain on your account.

Points to consider prior to filing an appeal:

  • Hazard lights and/or notes left on vehicles do not permit parking in unauthorized areas, no matter how short the time period.
  • The absence of “NO PARKING” signs/pavement markings does not mean that parking is allowed. Any area not specifically designated by pavement markings as a parking space shall be considered a “no parking area”.
  • You are responsible for any parking violations pertaining to your vehicle, regardless of whom you allow to operate the vehicle.

Pay or Appeal a Citation