How to Avoid Citations

  • When in doubt, contact us! If you’re ever unsure about parking regulations or issues on campus, contact Parking Services by phone or email 828.251.6691 (
  • Obtain a permit if required
  • Look at your permit. Make sure you’re parking in the designated lots for your permit type.
  • Display your parking permit correctly. Decals must be peeled and affixed to the exterior of the vehicle’s upper or lower rear window on the driver’s side. Printable permits must be displayed on the vehicles dash per the instructions on the permit.
  • Note signage and curb markings. Parking is designated by signage. There may be more than one type of parking space in a lot, so it’s necessary to look and avoid parking in certain areas (i.e., handicapped spaces, fire zones, or 30-minute spaces).
  • Park in marked spaces. It’s against campus parking regulations to park along the roadway restricting passing traffic. When parking in spaces that run parallel to the roadway no portion of the parked vehicle may exceed 12-inches from the curb or pavement in the absence of a curb. The absence of “NO PARKING” signs/pavement markings does not mean that parking is allowed. Any area not specifically designated by pavement markings as a parking space shall be considered a “no parking area”.
  • Hazard lights and/or notes left on vehicles do not permit parking in unauthorized areas, no matter how short the time period.
  • Unauthorized parking in disability spaces, fire lanes and/or reserved spaces is strictly prohibited.
  • You are responsible for any parking violations pertaining to your vehicle, regardless of whom you allow to operate the vehicle.