Parking Lot Totals

Below you will find an “at a glance” count of permits sold vs their respective parking lots


When reading this data consideration must also be made that the need for a 1:1 ratio of permits to spaces is unnecessary. It is an unlikely and impossible scenario that every permit holder would be on campus at the same time.

Counts as of 8/15/2022


All Permit – includes traditional, non-degree seeking, OLLI and Eshelman School of Pharmacy non-resident students

787 – permits sold

1,201 total spaces

Residents (may also utilize All Permit lots)

716 – permits sold

609 total spaces (includes 95, P-9 spaces shared with NR students)

Faculty & Staff (may also utilize All Permit lots)

542 – permits sold

515 total spaces

P-29 Lot (no-cost permit lot, requires special issued permit)

22 – permits issued

130 total spaces

Visitor (may also utilize All Permit lots)

57 total spaces