Our Mission

As a central part of the UNC Asheville community, the mission of Parking Services is to support learning and discovery by efficiently and effectively managing our parking resources. In doing so, we will provide and promote a variety of transportation programs that assist in providing a quality experience to support the mission of the university.

Our Goals

  • To provide professional parking services to the UNC Asheville community.
  • To encourage and develop interaction with students, faculty, staff and visitors in order to identify expectations of Parking Services.
  • To develop and maintain partnerships with on-campus and off-campus resources to assist us in providing the broadest spectrum of parking services possible.
  • Resource management

Parking services supports state resource management. We administer the universities permit sales, assist with the distribution of in-house parking permits and enforce university parking policies. We do NOT set physical parking capacity or build parking lots, we manage resources available to maximize access. We act as a planning resource for parking related decisions and mitigate via non-built solutions.